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06 Apr 2022

Proceedings of the International Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Seminar

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila as a forum for academics and researchers in the field of pharmaceutical technology has held the 5th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology/Nanomedicine with the topic "Application of nanotechnology in medicine, cosmetics, and herbal medicine" This conference is a forum for students, researchers, lecturers, observers, ...

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First Doctor of Pharmacy UP develops alternative diabetes treatment in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The development of herbal medicines during the Covid-19 pandemic is ...

Pharmacy Postgraduate (S2 & S3) Scholarships

Center for Policy Studies and Pharmaceutical Services, Faculty of Pharmacy, ...

Pharmacy (S2&S3) Scholarships - Extended!

The Center for Policy Studies, Management and Pharmaceutical Services, Faculty ...

New Student Admission for Doctoral Study Program

The Doctor of Pharmacy Study Program opens new student admissions ...